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German tour for Pierre Bastien in November with shows in Berlin and Bavaria

Around the first Berlin appearance of his new live set Quiet motors at the festival Wir sind die Roboter at Musikbrauerei October 1st along Logos Foundation, Rhys Chatham, Piotr Kurek and many others, Pierre Bastien will also perform at Z-Bau in Nürnberg Oct 2nd for their first year Jubilaum and Kesselhaus in Bamberg Oct 3rd for Tag der Performance.

Pierre Bastien returns to Barcelona and MACBA for LEM Festival

Pierre will present for the first time in Barcelona his new live set Quiet motors at MACBA for the edition 2016 of LEM festival. A recent long interview in Spanish of Pierre on Town Feeling can be found here, while an interview of Pierre in English for MACBA radio, back in 2010, can be found there.


Quiet motors also announced at UH Fest, but also Stereolux, Ateliers Claus and in Novi Sad, Serbia

‘Quiet motors’ will also be presented, this Autumn, at UH Fest in Budapest where Pierre Bastien will play Oct 6th along Etienne Jaumet, Group A, The Bug and a few others Oct 6th, in Novi Sad in Serbia through Vojvodina Institute for Culture Oct 8th at the legendary Studio M, in Brussels Oct 28th aux Brigittines with Les Ateliers Claus and in Nantes, France, at Stereolux Nov 4th with CHDH, Gangpol & Mit and a few others. All tourdates below !


Mecanoid and Mecanium installations exhibited in Benelux this Autumn

At the occasion of the closing exhibition of Voorkammer in Lier, Belgium, Pierre Bastien will present Mecanoid from September 24th to November 13th in the exhibition space, following his solo exhibition Automatic music from 2010 (archives). Pierre will also present Mecanium installation at November Music in Den Bosch from November 6th to 13th, and present his most recent live set ‘Quiet motors’ to the festival on a proposal of FAQ festival | More info on November Music


Pierre Bastien joins Collection Morel again for the forthcoming Week of Bizarre near Paris

After two fruitful collaborations, including the bachelor machines (Machines célibataires) exhibition which happened at Lieu Unique, Nantes, last winter (report by The Quietus) where Pierre’s Paper orchestra was presented along pieces of Michel Carrouges, Glen Baxter, and Marcel Duchamp, Pierre Bastien and Collection Morel will collaborate again on a special night on bachelor machines December 9th at Théâtre Berthelot of Montreuil. Quiet motors will be presented there for the first time in Paris and outskirts, along a talk from Jean-Jacques Palix and a reading by Collection Morel. More info to come soon | Website of Collection Morel



Video archives of Silent motors live set

The Italian team of NuMethods has made available online a video of Silent motors, previous live set up of Pierre back in 2015, with wonderful black & white images of this wonderful two towers set, including hypnotic flutes. See the live video here !


The First Machines 1968 – 1988 and Bizarre screen-print now on sale at our shop

Two new items have been recently made available on Pierre Bastien Tapes’ shop : Les Premières Machines (The First Machines) 1968 – 1988 released on Gazul / Musea in 2007 by Dominique Grimaud on his Zut-O-Pistes collection (Pascal Comelade, Klimperei, Cyril Lefebvre, Ghédalia Tazartès, Vidéo-Aventures), and a 90 copies hand made screen print of the fake Bizarre cover of Pierre Bastien tapes, edited by Sébastien Morlighem for the latest exhibition of Collection Morel, and printed by Séverine Bascouert of L’Institut Sérigraphique. Also avalailble, records on Morphine, In Poly Sons and G3G | Visit the shop

Bizarre PBt, Collection Morel, 2015


Tourdates and installations

24.09.2016 – BE – Lier – De Laatste Show / Voorkamer (Installation Mecanoid > 13.11)
01.10.2016 – DE – Berlin – Wir sind die Roboter / Musikbrauerei
02.10.2016 – DE – Nürnberg – Z-Bau
03.10.2016 – DE – Bamberg – Tag der Performance / Kesselhaus
05.10.2016 – HU – Budapest – UH Fest (lecture)
06.10.2016 – HU – Budapest – UH Fest (performance)
08.10.2016 – SER – Novi Sad – Vojvodina Institute for Culture / Studio M
14.10.2016 – ES – Barcelona – LEM / MACBA
28.10.2016 – BE – Brussels – Ateliers Claus / Les Brigittines
04.11.2016 – FR – Nantes – Electrons libres / Stereolux w/ CHDH, Gangpol & Mit, etc
06.11.2016 – NL – Den Bosch – November Music (installation Mecanium > 13.11)
11.11.2016 – NL – Den Bosch – November Music
09.12.2016 – FR – Montreuil – Semaine du Bizarre / Théâtre Berthelot
20.01.2017 – FR – Limoges – Rencontres de la forme courte


Worldwide agent :
In collaboration with Wakeupandream, Born Music, Front Porch productions, Tea Soza and Jérémie Gnaedig.

Artist page | Listen to Blue As An Orange (Morphine records, 2015) on Bandcamp

Pierre Bastien is also available as duets with Eddie Ladoire (Phantoms), Eric Thomas, Emmanuelle Parrenin, Mark Cunningham, Pierrick Sorin and as trio (prepared trumpet + prepared piano) with Steve Argüelles and Benoît Delbecq. 

Pictures : Quiet motors in Belgrade, Resonate festival, 2016 and Silent motors at Night of Surprise, Cologne, 2015 by Studio Walter. Bizarre Pierre Bastien tapes by Sébastien Morlighem (design) and Pierre Bastien (photo), 2016, Collection Morel.


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