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Bizarre PBt, Collection Morel, 2015

Pierre Bastien along Marcel Duchamp, Glen Baxter and
Enrique Vila-Matas in Nantes for Les machines célibataires

A paper orchestra, the robotical orchestra of paper of Pierre (video) is presented until March 13th 2016 in Nantes at Lieu unique for the exhibition on Les machines célibataires assembled by Collection Morel around the notion of bachelor machines with pieces from Michel Carrouges & Jean-Louis Couturier, Marcel Duchamp, Glen Baxter, KP Brehmer ; the figures of Raymond Roussel, Francis Picabia, Norah Borges, the shadow of Enrique Vila-Matas and the participation of Eduardo Berti. Within this library at mulitple dimensions where paper is presented as well as the notion on multiple forms, are also presented some foundations of Pierre Bastien tapes, as archives or creations | More info on the exhibition | About Collection Morel (French) | Bizarre cover : graphic design by Sebastien Morlighem, photo by Pierre Bastien, Collection Morel 2015.


Blue As An Orange reviewed by Tim Wilson for The Quietus

“On Blue As An Orange objects aren’t objects, they’re rhythms in waiting” : Tim Wilson, author for The Quietus listened to “Blue As An Orange” and liked it, evoking Pierre along the French surrealist tradition, remoulding jazz motifs with a mischievous sense of innovation. Great ! | Read the review on the Quietus website | Listen to extracts of the album on (now available as well in digital)



Quiet motors soon presented in Mexico, and all over Europe
The most recent declination of Silent motors live set Quiet motors will be presented soon at Mexico City for Festival NRMAL (13/03). The Silent motors dispositive within its different declinations will also be presented soon in Lunéville in France, with a support performance from Eduardo Berti of Oulipo, for festival Facto (24/03), in Belgrade for Resonate festival (13/04), Birmingham for Flatpack (23/04), Glasgow for The Fantom Cinema (24/04), in Palace in St Gallen, Switzerland (28/04) as well as in Bad Bonn in Düdingen (29/04). More spring shows announced soon ! All the tourdates
Tourdates & exhibitions
19.02.2016 – FR – Nantes – Les machines célibataires / Le lieu unique 
                                   (Installation “Paper orchestra” > 13.03)
10.03.2016 – MX – Mexico City – NODO (lecture)
13.03.2016 – MX – Mexico City – Festival Nrmal
24.03.2016 – FR – Lunéville – Festival Facto w/ Eduardo Berti
02.04.2016 – FI – Helsinki – IHME Contemporary festival
13.04.2016 – RS – Belgrade – Resonate festival
23.04.2016 – UK – Birmingham – Flatpack festival
24.04.2016 – UK – Glasgow – The Fantom Cinema / The Old Hairdresser’s
28.04.2016 – CH – St Gallen – The Palace
29.04.2016 – CH – Düdingen – Bad Bonn
01.05.2016 – AT – Krems – Donau festival
In collaboration with Wakeupandream, Born Music and Front Porch productions.

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